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The Honor Roll: Plan ahead

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It may seem like the start of the school year is still far away,
but it will be here before you know it. 
Now is the time to get your
ducks in a row for your fall lesson series.

Begin your planning with the basics. When will you start classes
and how regularly will you meet? Have you secured a location?
Will you partner with any local bridge clubs? These are just a
few of things you need to address before the fall semester begins.

Once you've settled on the fundamentals, you'll need to get into
the nitty gritty of coursework. Think about any items you may
need to purchase for your students or any documents you need
to print. Will you be changing up any tactics from your previous
lessons? It's better to start preparing now than rush later.
(Need help? We have some resources online.)

Finally, don't forget to create a marketing plan. How are you
going to promote your classes? It's best to take a multi-pronged
approach.Newspaper ads are a good tactic, but you can also 
print fliers and place them in high-traffic areas, like recreation
or senior centers, libraries and social clubs. We have 
loads of marketing templates in the Resource Center for you
download and customize.

Don't put off planning your fall classes. Start today!

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