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The Honor Roll: Minibridge Online

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Did you know that your students can now play Minibridge online?

Minibridge is like a typical game but without the auction. Because bidding is
sometimes one of the more stressful parts of bridge, Minibridge is a fast, easy
way to jump in and start playing.

Powered by Bridge Base Online, the online Minibridge allows players to pick
the trump suit and predict the number of tricks they think they can take.
Then your students play the hand as usual.

While you’re introducing your students to the game, show them how they can
practice online with Minibridge. They can access it at acbl.org/minibridge

Interested in college bridge? 

We’ve gathered our resources for college bridge clubs in the Resource Center.
There is even a new template for a poster that is now available in a Word doc
format in addition to PDF.