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Tricks of the Trade: A balanced bridge diet

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Just as a variety of foods in our daily diet can make us healthier,
a varied slate of bridge activities at the club can lead to more success.

How does this help? Not only are you casting a wider net by offering more,
but also you are keeping players engaged with the club through more
than one avenue.

In addition to regular club games, try hosting some of the special ACBL-wide
events held throughout the year. (You can find a list here.) Or hold games
geared toward newcomers, like MiniBridge or supervised play. Or go a
step further and have space for social games.

If your club doesn’t already offer lessons, consider starting a series
whether beginner, intermediate or advanced. It’s another opportunity
to connect with players.

Is you club providing a balanced bridge diet? Let us know what you’re
doing beyond the regular duplicate game at marketing@acbl.org.