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Tricks of the Trade: How to generate news coverage

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We're updating the press release templates in the Resource Center so that your club
can create some buzz in your area. 
The templates have guidance for crafting your press
release along with some sample wording.

Writing the press release is only the first step, however. You next need to contact reporters
and sell them on your story. While many newspapers, television stations and radio stations
have a general email address for you to send in tips and press releases, you will have more
success by reaching out to individual reporters.

Start by creating a list of your local news outlets. Then go through a few editions to see which
reporters are covering community activities, education news, etc. Many news outlets will
include the reporter's contact information with articles. If you don't see it, contact the main
office to get the reporter's email address and phone number. Afterward, send the press release
directly to him or her. A couple of days later, follow up with a phone call to remind the reporter
and continue to sell your story.

When you contact the reporter, it's important to explain why the public would be interested in
your story along with what the topic of your press release is. Reinforce why your community
will value your news. A good thing to point out is if there is something unusual about your event,
club members or bridge students.

This week's updated press releases give you a framework for promoting youth activities and a
more general club event, like a celebration of your club's anniversary.
More updated templates are coming soon!

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