Intro to Bridge - Request Usage Rights

Using a discovery-based learning approach in line with best practices for in-person classes, the ACBL Intro to Bridge Series consists of 2 class series (each with 10 classes) designed to equip students with a simple, starting framework for bidding and play. 


Class Overview

Each class is 2-hours with 35-40 minutes of teacher-led instruction and 50-55 minutes of student-centered activities with the final 30 minutes being just play.


Class 1 - Understanding the Basics

Class 2 - Improving Play

Class 3 - Counting Winners & Line of Play in NT

Class 4 - Taking Tricks with Trump

Class 5 - Opening the Bidding

Class 6 - Responding to 1-Level Minor Opening Bids

Class 7 - Responding to 1-Level Major Opening Bids

Class 8 - Rebidding by Opener

Class 9 - Rebidding by Responder

Class 10 - Overcalling & Advancing

Class Materials

For each class, there is a student manual with all of the concepts, charts, examples and activities. The manual can be downloaded and printed by individual class. As well as purchased as a complete Series 1 or Series 2 manual on Amazon.


For the teacher, there is a downloadable Teacher Outline, PowerPoint, and hand files (PBN) for every class. As well as links to class videos that can be used for teacher prep, in the classroom as well as for student review and/or makeup.

How to Gain Access

ABTA Master Teachers and ACBL Best Practices Teachers have earned the right to use the program automatically with their certification.


It is also a curriculum option through our school, college, and lifelong learning programs. 


Experienced bridge teachers, who are current ACBL members, may also request complimentary usage rights. 


Everyone must sign the Usage Agreement, and those not automatically granted rights must also request them and provide information on their bridge teaching experience. 

Once the request has been received, permissions will be manually assigned. This process is typically done once a week, usually Mondays.

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